Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Links proving the use of un-Biblical standards

I decided to do a post on links dealing with the un-Biblical standards taught in many UPCI churches today. I personally hold to certain standards based on separation between the sexes, and separation from the "world" but I do not teach them as Salvational or even necessarily Biblical. I state them as my own belief and conviction and DO NOT impress them upon or require them from other people. With that said, I hope the links below force you to examine what you believe, why you believe it, and discover what the Grace of Jesus Christ's Sacrifice really is.

Some of these links are to articles written by Stephen Mann, who used to be a UPCI licensed minister. Others are by Jason Young.

The point of these links is one and the same: Read the black, and leave the white alone. NOONE is qualified to add to, rewrite, or interpret scripture in modern day Christianity. The Bible was complete two millennia ago, and God doesn't need a group of men deciding what to add to it. If the Bible says it, then it's true. If, instead, a man says it in a modern day's most likely not true unless backed explicitly by scripture (eg: Men having sex with men is an abomination IS in the Bible, the sentence: A woman that wears pants is immodest and going to hell ISN'T in the Bible).

Pants (on women) -

Uncut hair versus cut hair -

Make-up -

Jewelry -

God Bless you

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