Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hate : Love

I watched American History X for the umpteenth time today. Every time I watch it I am reminded that hate and strife will not always destroy you; often they destroy someone you love. I have spent my life warring against what I was taught to be false beliefs and false churches, with the misconception that I was doing it in God's great plan. I have lost many years of my life to a belief system that is incorrect at best, and I grieve. I have watched it destroy my brothers through their hate and bitterness, I have watched it destroy my parents marriage, and I have watched it strain and break the bonds my dad has with his family. There are beliefs that people hold that I do not. There are thoughts and feelings people have that I don't share. But what gives me or anyone else the right to judge someone based on their beliefs? Too often, the statement "Judgement must begin in the house of God" (1 Peter 4:17) is taken out of context of the entire verse, and used to justify hatred, contempt, and self-righteous arrogance. It's time that Christians everywhere sit in judgement on themselves. We are, after all, the temple of God. We can no longer afford hatred, envy, and strife towards our neighbours. I refuse to condemn anyone to hell based on their belief. I can say that I do not agree, that I do not condone or believe, I can even attempt to convert those that are outside what I believe the Bible to say. But nowhere do I see where I have the right of Almighty God to condemn people to hell because they don't agree with me. We need, more than ever before, to earnestly contend for the FAITH, not personal interpretations, not organizational boundaries and standards, not even for "personal revelations". If God's church is to reach this lost world, it's time that God's church judges itself, repents, and begins to work together. As they said in the Bible, if it is of God, it will prosper, if it isn't, it won't. It's time to wake up, church of God. No single person, assembly, or organization has a monopoly on God. If you can honestly state that you believe Jesus died for your sins, that you have repented, and that you are looking for and expecting the return of God in glory, then I call you brother. If you can't do the same for me, I forgive you. But I pray you see the light of God's grace, mercy, and Love.

Good Night, God Bless you, and I apologize for the philosophical rant.

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