Monday, June 8, 2009

God is Great

Woot. I just had to post today on how amazing God is. He loves people so much. I don't have a specific scripture I'm posting about, but rather the entire body of God's Word. It's so amazing. He loves us so much that when we disobey, He kills a couple animals (another part of His Creation by the way) to clothe us, and then promises that even though we are wrong, He is going to shed righteous blood to allow us to come back to a place of communion with Him. What a God!

He then spends 4 - 6 Thousand years teaching and revealing things to humanity through His chosen people. (The word "chosen" in that context is a verb not a noun or adjective. It says that they are God's people He chose to reveal Himself to humanity through, not simply the people He chose to bless.)

My grandma Joy said something on Friday that has been seriously in my head all weekend and all day. It's something we all know and accept, but I think we forget about and lose sight of sometimes: 

If we all choose not to serve God and turn our backs on Him, He will still be just as glorious. All Glory is His. 

That is such a simple statement yet it truly defines God. He's amazing. Absolutely wonderful. I love Him so much. He is totally worthy of all honour and glory. In this instance, "worthy" means deserving and complete ownership. His Glory is not dependant on our participation or recognition. We just have the opportunity to witness it and bask in it. 

Anyone with a desire to know God has a promise that if they diligently seek Him, He will reveal Himself to them. That's how amazing His Love and Grace are. Awesome.

God Bless you all

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